Looking for a Pharmacy to Fill Your Prescriptions?

Who Can Use Us?

We are open to the public. We are a neighbourhood pharmacy and generally serve the surrounding community.

What Do We Stock?

We stock a complete range of medications.  Our medications range from common medications for infections such as antibiotics to blood pressure medications such as Lipitor to specialized injectables such as zostavax and narcotic medications.

We carry quality prescription medications from all major Canadian manufacturers

We stock all brand names and generics

What about Specialty medications?

Can special order any prescription medications for our customers from chemotherapy medications, HIV medications to specialty injectables.  We can also prepare specialty compounded medications such as special doses that are not commonly available and creams and lotions.

Our Prices

We accept all drug plans including Trillium, ODB drug cards etc.

We offer competitive pricing for prescriptions medications.  In addition we offer reduced dispensing fees.  We also waive the $2 deductible on ODB eligible prescriptions.

Our Promise

We will thoroughly review all you prescription medications to make sure they are right for you.

We will determine if you are taking the right dose or the right medication at the right time under the right conditions for best effect. We will work with you to help manage common side effects of your prescription medications and help minimize drug interactions.  Our pharmacists are drug experts and can speak to you in a variety of languages Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, English


We will make sure that you always have your medications and don’t run out.

We are your neighborhood store.  We will remind you when your refills are due and deliver medications to your home.  We will contact your doctor to get a new prescription for your regular medications. If you are taking more than  5 medications regularly we will pack them in blister packs to make it easy for you to remember to take them.  If you are not able to come to our store with your prescription we will pick it up from your home and deliver it to your home either the same day or next day.  For added convenience, you can ask your doctor to call in or fax prescriptions directly to us at 416 243 2709 fax   416 243 2700 phone.

Please ask us about our free parking program.